Project Brief

Al Bayt Stadium is located in the south area of Al Khor, a city 40 Km far from Doha, the capital city of Qatar. The construction of this stadium is part of the FIFA World Cup 2022 event, hosted by the State of Qatar. AL Bayt Stadium will have a 60000-spectator capacity and will host inside offices, shops and cinema.

Conserve Scope

Conserve was engaged in different scopes with different stake holders of the project including

  • Deputation/Secandment of BIM Modelers
  • Preparation of as-built drawing for LT Rooms
  • Deputation of experts in different disciplines like Structural Engineers,
  • HSE Manager, Sustainability Manager, QA/QC Engineer
  • Stress analysis for above ground chilled water piping
  • Stress analysis for firefighting piping
  • Stress analysis of chilled water buried piping
  • GSAS Consultant

Chilled Water Piping Analysis

The chilled water plant had a vast network of above and below ground piping. The pipe diameter in the network varied from 25mm to 1000mm, the support design for pipe diameter above 100mm is critical. Conserve was assigned to perform piping stress analysis for all piping network inside stadium and selected buried piping network connecting stadium and energy center.

Firefighting piping analysis

The firefighting system in the stadium was designed as per NFPA and QCDD requirements. The maximum operating pressure in the event of fire is around 16 bar. In order to ensure safety of the network Conserve have performed piping stress analysis and support design to ensure the integrity of the piping system as per codes and standards

GSAS Consultancy

Conserve is appointed as GSAS Consultant to ensure compliance of MEP related systems. The project is targeting 4-star certification. Energy and Water related systems play a key role in achieving the target certification. Conserve worked closely with project team to ensure compliance of following criteria in construction stage

  • UC 5 Sewer and Waterway Contamination
  • S6 Rainwater runoff
  • S8 Light Pollution
  • S14 Visual Comfort
  • E1-E5 Energy
  • W1 Water Efficiency
  • W2 Water Reuse
  • IE 1 Thermal Comfort
  • IE 3 Mechanical Ventilation
  • IE 4 Illumination Levels
  • IE 8 Acoustic Quality
  • IE 10 Indoor Chemical and Pollutant Source Control
  • MO 4 Water and Refrigerant leak deduction
  • MO 5 Energy and Water use submetering
  • MO 6 Automated Control System

Deputation/Secandment of BIM Modelers and other technical experts

  • Conserve have deputed around 40 BIM Modelers to support the project. Conserve’s resources were engaged in preparation of shop drawings for various MEP Services such as HVAC, Water supply, Drainage, ELV Systems, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Power etc.
  • Conserve is also engaged in preparation of as-built drawing in LOD 400 for the project