Technical Seminar on 3D LASER Scanning

Technical Seminar on 3D Laser Scanning

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The seminar shall address application of 3D Laser scan in construction sector

  • Welcome address
  • 3D Laser scan introduction and application
  • Converting 3D Laser scan to BIM Model live demo
  • Using 3D Laser scan to generate as built models – case study
  • Opportunities for young professionals in 3D Laser scan technology
  • Dinner
Eligible for 3 PDUs offered by MMTC

Overview :

3D Laser Scanning technology digitally captures the shape of physical objects
using a line of laser light and create “point clouds” of data from the surface of  an object. The point cloud is then used generate BIM Model. 3DLaser scanning technology has gained significant importance in recent days in various sectors of engineering.

3D Laser Scanning & Conversion of Point Cloud to BIM
The application of 3D Laser scan includes but not limited to
  • Robotic Control:e.g.A laser scanner may function as the “eye” of a robot
  • As-built drawings of bridges, industrial plants, and monuments
  • Documentation of historical sites
  • Site modelling and lay outing
  • Quality control
  • Quantity surveys
  • Payload monitoring
  • Freeway redesign
  • Establishing a bench mark of pre-existing shape/state in order to
    detect structural changes resulting from exposure to extreme
    loadings such as earthquake, vessel/truck impact or fire.
  • Create GIS (geographic information system) maps and geomatics.
  • Subsurface laser scanning in mines and Karst voids.
  • Freeway redesign
  • Forensic documentation.
3D Laser Scan Application Sectors:
  • Building Construction (Clients, Consultants & Contractors)
  • Developers (Urban/Building)
  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals
  • Power Projects
  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Property Management
  • Insurance
Attendees are eligible for 3 PDUs offered by MMTC Qatar towards continuing education.

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