Energy Modeling(also called as Energy Simulation or Building Simulation) is the process of building a computer model a building with all its components and simulate the Energy performance of the building.

The simulation can be done for different parameters like different building envelope materials, different HVAC system to evaluate their impact on the performance

Energy Modeling is used widely for following applications

  • Evaluate various Energy conservation measures in design phase
  • Evaluate the savings of insulation, efficient glazing, different HVAC systems etc
  • Estimate the saving potential of recommendation proposed in Energy Audit
  • Demonstrate compliance with code requirements
  • EHS Regulations in dubai, requires projects to demonstrate energy savings through Energy model
  • Demonstrate compliance with Green Building rating systems like LEED

Course Objectives:-

Provide with Basics of Energy modeling & Analysis of Energy usage by Building Structures.

Course Outcomes:-

  • Successfully generate eQuest Energy Models
  • Analyze energy reports
  • Satisfy the compliance for LEED Rating systems, EHS and Estidama Pearl rating system & Compliance with Energy Standard 90.1

Mr. K. M. Bazeeth Ahamed is an official USGBC LEED Faculty & consultant in Green Buildings. He has completed his Post Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology in 2002 and has spent 15 years in Academics, Research, MEP Contracting, Energy Audits and Green Building Consultancy.

Mr. K. M. Bazeeth Ahamed is a Certified Energy Manager and Energy Auditor. He is a LEED AP with two specialties BD+C and O+M. He is also ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Assessment Professional. He strongly believes certifications are the very best way to develop and demonstrate professional skills. He has successfully trained more than 2000 professionals in LEED, Green Buildings and HVAC.

  • Chapter -1:   Introduction to Energy Modeling
  • Chapter -2:   Review of ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G
  • Chapter -3:   Creating the Building Footprint , Walls, Roofs & Structures.
  • Chapter -4:   Operations & inputs in eQuest Wizards
  • Chapter -5:   EEM Measures in eQUEST
  • Chapter -6   LEED Compliances
  • Chapter -7:   Importing various AUTOCAD files into eQUEST
  • Chapter -8:   Generating various reports
  • Chapter -9:   Comparison & analysis of reports