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Energy Modeling using BIM – Part-1

Conserve in one of the leading BIM Service Provider / BIM Company in Qatar. In general, BIM software is used for the preparation of drawings without clashes, Quantity take off, visualization of services, Point cloud from 3D Laser scan etc.. BIM is hardly used for Energy Analysis or Energy Simulation.This article enlightens the significance of BIM and demonstrates the step-by-step procedure on how Building Information Modeling can be utilized for Energy Analysis and Simulation.

Energy Modeling/Simulation:

Energy Modeling is the process of simulating a computer model of the building to estimate the energy consumption and hence the energy cost of the building. It is performed using various software like eQuest, HAP, TRACE, REVIT etc

Energy Simulation Application:

  • Estimate monthly and annual energy consumption and the cost of the buildings
  • Estimate the energy consumption in various end uses like HVAC, lighting, fans, pumps etc
  • Evaluate various design options such as different WWR, HVAC Systems, Building envelope parameters etc
  • Evaluate life cycle cost of various design options

Energy Modeling/Simulation Approach:

to be continued in part 2

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