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Role of Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors are generally used to connect an equipment with moving components and fixed duct or pipe network.

Flexible connectors are used to

  1. Isolate the transfer of noise
  2. Isolate the transfer of vibrations
  3. Compensate for any misalignment
  4. Reduce stress on the pipe network

Common Applications of Flexible Connectors are

  • Compressor Connection with the discharge
  • Engine intake and exhaust piping
  • Pumps suction and discharge piping
  • Chiller inlet and outlet connections
  • FCU/AHU/Fans connection with duct work and pipe work

Flexible connectors play a important role in reducing the risk of failure/leakages in hot water, steam and chilled water pipe network

Pictorial Illustrations of Flexible duct and Pipe connectors below

Fig 1: Flexible Connectors in inlet and outlet of chiller
Fig 2: Suction and Discharge of pump
Fig 3: Outlet of AHU to Duct work

Notes: This is an extract from our training content for MEP/HVAC/Fire Fighting/Mechanical Engineering course.

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