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Learning Objective:
  • To understand a basic plumbing system and their functions.
  • To understand the purpose of the different elements in cold water
    supply and distribution system.
  • To understand a basic system for hot water supply and distribution.
  • To understand and demonstrate the use of plumbing tools.
  • To understand and perform calculations for plumbing services
  • Select appropriate materials for the project for plumbing
  • To understand & design proper sizing of pipes and selection of pumps
    and fittings etc.,


Course Duration: 30 Hours

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Plumbing Engineering
    1. Scope of a Plumbing Engineer
      1. Water supply
      2. Sewage
        1. Soil
        2. Waste
      3. Vent Pipe system
      4. Drainage
        1. Rain water
        2. Surface water
    2. Evolution of Plumbing Engineering
  • Chapter 2: Codes and Regulations
  • Chapter 3: Water Supply
    1. Occupancy
      1. Different types of occupancy
      2. Plumbing fixtures requirement as per occupancy
    2. Plumbing Fixtures
      1. Sanitary wares
      2. Mixtures
    3. Specifications for water supply materials
      1. Water tanks
      2. Pipes, fittings and valves
    4. Demand Calculation
      1. Percapita Consumption
      2. Loading Units
    5. Sources of water supply
      1. Water supply sources
      2. Storage
    6. Distribution
      1. Flow rate calculation using fixture units
      2. Pipe sizing
      3. Requirements of valves and fittings
    7. Water treatment
      1. Water Quality Parameters
      2. Types of treatment
    8. Pumping station
      1. Pump head calculation
        1. Transfer Pump
        2. Booster Pump
        3. Pressurisation system
      2. Selection of pumps
    9. Hot water supply
      1. Hot water requirements
      2. Hot water piping design (insulation)
      3. Standalone system
      4. Centralized system
      5. Solar Thermal
    10. Legionella Prevention
    11. Installation details
  • Chapter 4:Sewage System (Above ground & Below Ground)
    1. Soil System
    2. Waste System
    3. Vent Pipe System
    4. Specifications for sewage system
      1. Pipes & Fittings
      2. Traps
      3. Clean Outs
      4. Drains
      5. Vents
      6. Anti Siphonage
      7. Interceptors & Separators
      8. Sump & Ejectors
      9. Manholes
      10. Septic Tanks
      11. Sewage Treatments
    5. Types of Soil & Waste System
      1. One pipe system
      2. two pipe System
      3. Single Stack System
      4. Single Stack Ventilated System
    6. Fixture unit load calculation for sewage network
    7. Sewage System (Soil & waste) pipe sizing
      1. Horizontal Stack
      2. Vertical Stack
    8. Vent Pipe Sizing
      1. Wet vent Connection
      2. Dry Vent Connection
    9. Disposal of Sewage
      1. Pumping Station
      2. Connected to public sewage network
      3. Sewage Treatment Plant
      4. Septic Tanks
  • Chapter 5: Drainage System
    1. Type of Drainage System
      1. Storm water Drainage System
      2. Surface Water Drainage System
    2. Specifications for Drainage system
      1. Pipes & Fittings
      2. Roof Drains
      3. Channel Drains
      4. Cleanouts
      5. Backwater valves
      6. Catch Pit
      7. Manholes
      8. Gutters
      9. Rain water harvesting
    3. Storm water Drainage network design
      1. Calculation of Surface Run Off
      2. Designing of Drainage Network (Open Drain /Closed
      3. Sewage System sizing
        1. Building Storm Drain
        2. External Drain
      4. Disposal of Storm water & surface water
        1. Pumping Station
        2. Connected to external drainage network
        3. Rain water Harvesting / soak pit
  • Chapter 6: Irrigation System
  • Chapter 7: Grey water System
  • Chapter 8: Swimming Pool filtration
  • Chapter 9: Water features
  • Chapter 10: Energy Conservation (Zero Waste Management)

Mr. K. M. Bazeeth Ahamed is an official USGBC LEED Faculty & consultant in Green Buildings. He has completed his Post Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology in 2002 and has spent 15 years in Academics, Research, MEP Contracting, Energy Audits and Green Building Consultancy. Mr. K. M. Bazeeth Ahamed is a Certified Energy Manager and Energy Auditor. He is a LEED AP with two specialties BD+C and O+M. He is also ASHRAE Certified Building Energy Assessment Professional. He strongly believes certifications are the very best way to develop and demonstrate professional skills. He has successfully trained more than 2000 professionals in LEED, Green Buildings and HVAC

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