In Construction industry, Commissioning is verifying that the building systems and the subsystems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire/life safety, building envelopes, interior systems, utility plants, sustainable systems, lighting, wastewater, controls, building security etc.) are planned, designed, installed, tested and operated to achieve the owner’s project requirements. Very often Commissioning is misunderstood for Performance testing, testing and balancing. They are part of commissioning process and does not complete the entire commissioning process.

Commissioning is often seen as added cost. In reality Commissioning add value to project, A properly commissioned building provides the following benefits:
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved IAQ and occupant comfort
  • Reduced change orders – Increased life of existing equipment
  • Improved staff training
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced warranty issues
  • Fewer comfort problems
  • Documented maintenance requirements
  • Reduced contractor callbacks

Our Commissioning Management is as per Standard 202-2013 — Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems

Modern building systems have become more complex and system integration becomes necessary for life-safety and proper indoor environmental quality. On most building projects the responsibility for the installation and functionality of equipment is divided amongst many contractors and sub-contractors. Each one is focused solely on their portion of the project and only conduct testing on the equipment for which they are directly responsible. We as the Commissioning Agent/Authority spend the essential time to test the equipment in an integrated manner to assess total system operations.

Commissioning is required in many Green Building rating systems like LEED Commissioning in Qatar, GSAS, Estidama Pearl etc. However any modern building can be benefited from the advantages of commissioning.

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