CFD analysis for HVAC industry’s most comprehensive simulation for design verification, evaluating thermal comfort and safety of people inside the residential and commercial buildings, hotels, schools, parking garages, stadiums, sports and concert arenas, theatres, tunnels, malls and mission critical facilities in the event of fire.

We offers expedite services of the comprehensive simulations at the budgetary cost, which provides results that are used for optimization of the HVAC design of the building keeping the fire & life safety provisions in the required range.

We provide the wide range of the engineering analysis required in the building services:

  • Carbon monoxide modeling of the car park
  • Fire & smoke modeling
  • Thermal comfort analysis
  • External flow analysis of the building
  • Building Egress analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics consultancy services

Output of analysis are provided in the form of report and animations containing profiles of the required parameters at different planes for the review & approval of the clients/AHJ

Our Tools used for CFD Analysis :

  • CFD: Ansys Fluent
  • Fire modeling: Pyrosim
  • Egress analysis: Pathfinder

Codes and Standards Compliance for CFD :

  • Qatar Civil Defense fire & life safety requirements
  • BS 7346-7
  • NFPA-92
CFD Modeling and simulation Services

We deliver the best solutions for all Engineering and Sustainable services.

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