For many contractors, complying with LEED requirements (or GSAS or other Green Building rating system) remains challenging, critical and appears as bottle neck affecting the project cost, schedule and progress. For example we know cases where the progress has been affected badly because of the delay in submission and approval LEED Prerequisite SS Construction Pollution prevention. Contractor cannot mobilize the site activities unless Construction Pollution prevention plan is approved. Conserve can support contractor’s right from bidding stage to handing over stage.

In bidding stage, it would be challenging for contractors to prepare technically strong proposal stating the competency in LEED Projects. We can support contractors in preparation of strong techno commercial proposal demonstrating competence in LEED/GSAS. We have number of LEED APs and GSAS CGPs who can contribute to the project.

Our CVs and Profiles can give a edge for the contractors with the other competitors. Once the contract is awarded, Conserve can take away the burden of LEED Documentation from the contractor’s responsibility.

Our LEED Consultancy Services to Contractors Include:

  • Dedicating a LEED AP to represent the contractor in all meetings with consultant and client.
  • Develop, Implement and Document the following LEED Prerequisite and credits
  • SS Construction Pollution Prevention Plan
  • MR Construction Waste Management Plan
  • IE Construction Indoor Air Quality Management Plan
  • Review material submittals specific to construction documentation like Recycled content, Regional Materials, and Low Emitting Materials etc.
  • Reviewing and updating LEED Online submittals and reporting on a regular basis throughout the construction process.
  • Soliciting, collecting and maintaining required documentation for the target credits to fully comply with LEED Design Review(s).
  • Performing calculations, analyses, and preparing documentation demonstrating the achievement of the prerequisites and selected credits from the LEED Design stage review.
  • Submitting the completed certification application through LEED Online.

We deliver the best solutions for all Engineering and Sustainable services.

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