Unlocking the Potential of
Your Property with BOMA Analysis

At Conserve Solutions, we understand the importance of maximizing the efficiency and value of your commercial real estate assets. That’s why we offer comprehensive BOMA analysis services tailored to meet the unique needs of property owners, managers, and investors.

What is BOMA Analysis?

BOMA, or the Building Owners and Managers Association, sets the industry standard for measuring and classifying commercial buildings. BOMA standards provide a common language and methodology for property professionals to assess and compare building spaces. A BOMA analysis is crucial for accurate lease management, financial planning, and overall building performance.

Why BOMA Analysis?


Property owners can use BOMA standards for benchmarking their property's performance against industry averages. This comparative analysis can help identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Operational Efficiency

BOMA standards cover a range of operational and management practices. Property owners can use BOMA guidelines to optimize the efficiency of their property management processes, ensuring that the property is well-maintained and operates smoothly.


BOMA standards provide a common framework for measuring and reporting on various aspects of commercial properties. This standardization helps ensure consistency and comparability across different properties, which is valuable for property owners, investors, and other stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance

In some cases, local regulations may reference or require compliance with BOMA standards. Property owners may use BOMA analysis to ensure that their properties meet these regulatory requirements.

Market Perception

Adhering to BOMA standards can enhance the market perception of a property. Many stakeholders, including tenants and investors, appreciate properties that follow industry-recognized standards, as they provide a level of transparency and reliability.

Lease Agreements

BOMA standards are often used in lease agreements to determine rentable square footage. Property owners can use BOMA analysis to accurately calculate and communicate the rentable area to tenants, which can be a critical factor in lease negotiations.

Who can use BOMA

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) standards and guidelines are beneficial for a variety of stakeholders within the commercial real estate industry. Here’s a breakdown of who might find BOMA analysis particularly useful

Property Owners:

  • Lease Agreements: Property owners can use BOMA standards to accurately determine rentable square footage, facilitating fair lease agreements with tenants.
  • Operational Efficiency: BOMA guidelines offer best practices for property management, helping owners optimize operational efficiency and reduce costs.


  • Rent Calculation: Tenants benefit from BOMA standards because these guidelines provide a standardized method for calculating rentable space, ensuring transparency in lease agreements.
  • Comparative Analysis: BOMA allows tenants to compare spaces across different properties using standardized metrics, aiding in informed decision-making.

Real Estate Investors:

  • Due Diligence: Investors can use BOMA analysis during due diligence processes to evaluate the performance and potential of commercial properties consistently.
  • Benchmarking: BOMA standards offer a benchmark for property performance, allowing investors to compare their assets against industry averages.

Property Managers:

  • Best Practices: BOMA provides a framework of best practices for property management, aiding managers in maintaining and operating properties efficiently.
  • Compliance: Following BOMA standards can help property managers ensure compliance with industry norms and local regulations.

Government and Regulatory Bodies:

  • Standardization: BOMA standards contribute to standardization in the industry, assisting regulatory bodies in creating consistent and fair regulations.
  • Benchmarking: Regulators may use BOMA benchmarks to assess the compliance and performance of commercial properties within their jurisdiction.

Service Providers and Contractors:

  • Project Planning: Contractors and service providers can benefit from BOMA standards when planning and executing projects, ensuring alignment with industry norms.
  • Measurement Consistency: BOMA analysis helps maintain consistency in measurements, reducing discrepancies and misunderstandings during construction or renovation projects.

How Conserve can helps in BOMA Analysis Services

BOMA Measurement Standards Compliance:

Ensure your property adheres to the latest BOMA measurement standards. Our team of experts will assess your building, ensuring accurate and compliant measurements that meet industry standards.

Lease Optimization:

Maximize the value of your lease agreements by utilizing precise BOMA calculations. We help property owners and managers understand and leverage BOMA data to negotiate favorable lease terms and conditions.

Financial Planning and Reporting:

Streamline your financial planning with accurate BOMA analysis. From budgeting to forecasting, we provide the insights you need to make informed decisions and improve your property’s financial performance.

Portfolio Benchmarking:

Compare your property’s performance against industry benchmarks. Our BOMA analysis helps you assess how well your properties stack up in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and market competitiveness.

Why Choose Conserve Solutions?

Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in BOMA analysis and commercial real estate.

Accuracy: We pride ourselves on delivering precise and reliable BOMA measurements, ensuring the integrity of your property data.

Custom Solutions: Every property is unique. We tailor our BOMA analysis services to meet the specific needs and goals of each client.

Cutting-Edge Technology: We leverage the latest technology and tools to provide efficient and accurate BOMA analyses.