Design consultants have significant responsibility in a Green Building Project. The challenging part is to achieve the target certification in cost effective way. Our services include right from initiating Green Building charrette to preparation of design documentation. Our services to design consultants include,

LEED Certification Services to design consultants include

Early stage LEED feasibility study and recommendations

Prepare and post the RFP for the Commissioning Authority

Project-specific eco-charrette facilitation including the integrated design process

Develop baseline LEED Scorecard

GBCI project registration

Provide LEED-Kickoff team direction, support, resources, and sample documents

Create LEED team Action List with monthly updates

GBCI LEED-Online project setup and ongoing site management including assigning roles and responsibilities to team members

Demonstrate how to use LEED-Online v3 to team members, the GBCI document repository site

LEED Scorecard and project updates issued to team at appropriate intervals
Review of architect’s LEED Requirements in Construction Documents or guidance to architect to prepare

Complete management of LEED certification submittal documentation. Specifically, the two-phase certification process for Design submittals followed by Construction submittals. Services entail the technical review and edits of team submittals, plus back-check, for compliance prior to presenting documentation to the GBCI for the certification review process

Prepare and submit CIRs (Credit Interpretation Requests) if necessary

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