Project Brief

The project site is located in the Al Wajba district of Doha. It is approximately 7.5 miles from the current Al Waab campus, in close proximity to Education City, and around 11 miles from downtown Doha.

Conserve Scope

Conserve is appointed as GSAS Consultant by the client to ensure compliance of GSAS requirement in design and construction. Conserve have successfully completed Preliminary GSAS Certification (also called as Letter of Conformance). The project is awarded with 3 stars in the Letter of Conformance. Conserve is also engaged in preparation of Shop drawings with MEP Contractor of the project.

GSAS Certification - Design Stage

Conserve performed the following to successfully achieve 3-star Certification in the design stage

GSAS Design Workshop:
  • Conserve conducted regular workshops with the team members such as Mechanical Engineer, Lighting Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Landscape Architect, Irrigation Engineer, Owner’s Representative, etc.
  • Conserve advised most appropriate cost-effective strategies to achieve each criterion
GSAS Certification – Preparation of documents for GSAS Gate:
  • Conserve continuously tracked the progress, in comparison with the responsibility matrix developed initially and collected the documents required for submission.
  • Conserve paid significant attention towards MEP related criteria, since minimum compliance (Score ≥ 0) should be achieved in Energy and Water Criteria.
  • All the collected documents from the design team were carefully verified for GSAS compliance prior to submission.
Specifications for Contractors:
  • Conserve represented the design team in presenting the status, progress and further course of action in GSAS certification of the project during all stakeholder meetings throughout the project duration.
Provisional Certificate/Letter of Conformance (LOC):
  • Conserve prepared all the submittals including GSAS calculators, supporting documents, etc. prior to submission in GSAS gate.
  • Conserve tracked and responded to comments from GORD regarding the design stage submission and got 3-star GSAS certification in Provisional Certificate/Letter of Conformance (LOC).
Stakeholder Meetings:
  • Conserve prepared GSAS specifications for contractors which was a part of construction documents.
  • GSAS Specifications includes the roles and responsibilities of contractor, to be complied during construction.

GSAS Certification - Construction Stage

  • Conserve is working closely with the contractor to ensure compliance of LoC in the construction stage.
  • Conserve review all critical materials prior to procurement to ensure compliance
  • Conserve conducts walk through audit on monthly basis to ensure GSAS Construction Management compliance

Preparation of shop drawings

Conserve was also appointed by MEP Contractor to prepare 2D shop drawings for HVAC Services which includes chilled water layout, ducting layout, ventilation layout etc.In general Conserve’s shop drawing services include

  • Coordination Layouts
  • Builders work layouts (Slab and Block Wall Builders Work)
  • MEP Reflected False Ceiling Coordination
  • Electrical General Installation Details
  • Mechanical General Installation Details
  • Details and Sections