3D Laser Scanning Services Saudi Arabia

Conserve offers 3D Laser Scanning services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia transforming the way as-built drawings / BIM Models are generated in the AEC industry.

Scanning & Scan to BIM

Conserve has the potential & experience to deploy latest 3D Laser Scanning technologies with high accurate proximity data wherever field measurements for as-built generation is a requirement. 3D laser scanning of constructed components / structures enables AEC industry to accelerate the as-built documentation process while improving the accuracy and reducing costs.

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Generated 3D laser scans on-site shall be then used for variety of applications including progress recording, deviation analysis, stockpile measurements, as-built generation, etc. Produced high definition 3600 data gathered in short spans of time (comparing with conventional red-line mark-up techniques) forms an asset to the property Owner, enables further decision making during construction and operational phases of the project.

Below are the stages of 3D Laser Scanning implementation,
Data Collection

Laser Scanning process will be initiated with setting-up digital total survey stations to validate scanner positions for areas to be captured. The surveys taken with dimensional control methodologies offer a higher standard of precision, ensuring that the resulting point cloud has accuracy ranges between 2 – 5 mm. Further, 3D Laser Scanning device captures 3600 measurements with millions of point coordinates per second, collected data will be further transferred to high-end workstations for further processing.

Data Analysis & Processing

Collected data will be further analysed and processed using the state-of-the-art processing tools where individual scans are cleaned and merged together to form a Point Cloud Model which in turn suits importing modes in BIM Applications.

3D scanned data can be integrated with other information in CAD, GIS & Web platforms where it can be used by engineers to make informed real time decisions. When integrated with BIM, the point cloud model allows the project team to quickly and accurately analyze & access the project conditions prior commencing the design process. The 3D point clouds shall be converted into a comprehensive Building Information Model and further into 2D Drawings as per project requirements/specifications.


Rapid data collection

Savings in Schedule & Budget

Reduces manual errors

Faster Transfer of data

Non-Contact data capture

Effective documentation, better collaboration and coordination


Buildings – Architecture, Structure, MEP and Utilities Infrastructure

Urban Planning

Infrastructure – Bridges, Highways & Transportation

Off-shore – Oil Rigs & Vessels

Industrial Applications – Power Stations / Power Plants


Photo Measure: Real-time measurements from Photos

Point to Point: Measures distances between objects

Measure Remote Objects and Collect GPS/GNSS Locations from a distance