AR and VR Building Design in UK

What is AR and VR in Design?

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays digital information onto the real world, enhancing our perception and interaction with our surroundings. Imagine viewing a construction site through AR glasses, where digital overlays provide real-time data, annotations, and instructions, seamlessly integrated into the physical environment

Virtual Reality (VR), on the other hand, immerses users in digital environments, transporting them to simulated worlds. In the context of BIM, VR allows stakeholders to experience architectural designs, construction plans, and infrastructure projects as if they were physically present, facilitating better decision-making, collaboration, and visualization.

How will AR and VR revolutionize
the landscape of building design environments?

Imagine walking through your future building, adjusting walls, and selecting materials on the fly. With Conserve Engineering Solutions’ VR technology, this is not just possible; it’s a game-changer in client engagement and design precision. At Conserve Engineering Solutions, we believe in transforming visions into reality. Our cutting-edge Model AR and VR and BIM AR and VR services are at the forefront of the design revolution.

Experience Design Innovation with Zero Risk

Take Interactive Client Tours

Guide your clients through their dream projects, allowing them to experience the feel of the design as if it were already built.

Customise in Real-Time

Make on-the-spot changes to the design, ensuring every detail aligns with your client’s vision.

Analyse and Perfect

Take measurements, assess space restrictions, and evaluate functional issues within the virtual environment to perfect your project.

Client-Centric Modifications

Note down updates and preferences during the VR architectural walkthrough experience to tailor the design to your client’s exact needs.

Why to choose Conserve Solutions?

Our VR services are not just about seeing a design;
they are about feeling and interacting with it. We empower you to:

Visualize the Unbuilt

Walk through your project and discuss it within the designed space itself.

Scale to Perfection

Experience your project at any scale, appreciating every aspect as it will appear in reality.

Save Time and Resources

Identify and solve design challenges before construction, reducing the need for costly changes later.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

Explore our Project Gallery and see the difference AR and VR makes.

At Conserve Engineering Solutions, we add value to your vision. Leverage next-gen technology to showcase your products and services like never before. From design delivery to concept realization, and from model viewing to immersive VR architectural walkthroughs, we bring your 3D designs to life with VR. Join us in revolutionizing customer service with our technical expertise. Welcome to Conserve Engineering Solutions, your one-stop shop for all your Digital Construction needs. We help you transform your services at minimal cost. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have witnessed their visions come to life with our AR VR technology. From conceptualization to final walkthroughs, we make every aspect of 3D design a vivid reality.

Explore your VR journey with us. Register now to Meet us at Our Stand (DC244) at UKCW Expo on 7-9 May 2024

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What are the main benefits of using AR and VR in BIM?

Enhanced visualization, efficient design iteration, collaborative communication, and improved safety training are key benefits.

2. How does AR and VR integration affect project timelines?

AR and VR integration can accelerate project timelines by facilitating faster decision-making, reducing errors, and streamlining collaboration among stakeholders.

3. How does AR and VR improve safety in construction projects?

AR and VR provides realistic training simulations for construction workers, allowing them to practice hazardous tasks in a safe virtual environment and enhancing overall safety awareness.

4. Can AR and VR assist in detecting clashes and conflicts in BIM models?

Yes, AR and VR enables stakeholders to visually identify clashes and conflicts in BIM models, allowing for early detection and resolution during the design phase.

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