Conserve offers acoustic design and consultancy services through its offices in Qatar, India, Canada, UAE and Singapore.
Conserve has a team of acoustic specialist with significant experience in buildings, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Our Acoustics Consultancy Services include

  • Acoustic design & Assessment from Architectural and Equipment Perspective.
  • Noise Impact assessment (New & Existing Buildings)
  • Environmental Noise Impact Simulation
  • Acoustic Modelling & Monitoring from Design to Operational Stage.
  • Construction Noise and Vibration Assessments
  • Acoustic Design and associated tender documents
  • Construction – Assisting contractors during procurement in-line with acoustic design
  • Industrial Facility Noise and Vibration Assessments
  • Structural Dynamics Investigations and Mitigation
  • Acoustic design and specifications

Glimpse of few Acoustic Analysis & Simulation

Bruit - La transmission du bruit
Acoustic Simulation
Acoustic's Simulation

Glimpse of few Acoustic Analysis & Simulation

SPL Simulation
SPL Sound Broadband

Simulation Distribution of Values for Direct SPL with Sound Broad Band

STI Isometrics

Simulated STI results w.r.t frequencies

Design Standards and Codes of Practice

Acoustic design and consultancy services are in line with applicable national and international standards and codes such as

  • World Health Organization – Community Guidelines for Noise
  • BS 8233:2014 – Guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings
  • ASHRAE Handbook Chapter 48 – Noise and Vibration Control
  • CIBSE Guide B4 – Noise and Vibration control for building services systems
  • British Council for Offices 2009 guide
  • UK Building Regulations Approved Document E, Resistance to Passage of Sound
  • Qatar State Environmental Protection Law (2002) Annex 3/5
  • Environmental Law and Practice in United Arab Emirates

Acoustic Services Portfolio

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