Conserve is leading the Construction Sector to leverage the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to optimize project resources. One of the biggest benefits in BIM is realized in 3D Construction Coordination.

Conserve is a one stop solution for Architecture, Structure and MEP Modelling. Conserve adapts Computational BIM Modelling (Dynamo) wherever necessary to automate the works wherever possible to speed up the work progress and deliver the works accordingly. Conserve brings in their competence in finding interference between Architecture, Structure and MEP services and eliminating them before construction begins. By fixing problems in the computer instead of in the field, costly and time-consuming change orders are avoided. In addition, we focus the team on using the 3D coordination process not just to correct errors, but to think through construct ability and plan delivery.

At Conserve, we also use data-rich 3D models to aid team (owner, architect, engineer, builder and trade contractors) decision making, streamline scheduling and trades utilization, validate existing conditions, identify safety concerns and increase material cost accuracy.

We can produce REVIT Models up to LOD 500.

Our BIM Modeling services Includes:

  • Architectural Modelling Services – Preparation of Architectural 3D Models
  • Structural Modelling Services – Preparation of Structural 3D Models
  • MEP Modeling Services – Preparation of MEP 3D Models
  • Combined Services – Coordination among all Trades
  • Builders Work – Builder’s Working Drawings
  • Collision Detection – Parametric Modeling for MEP components
  • Point cloud to 3D – Preparation of As-built drawings from scanned files to Revit
  • Asset Management – Implementation of COBIE
  • CAD to Revit – Preparation of 3D models from the 2D CAD files
  • Bills of Materials – Library Creation for All Components
  • Shop Drawings – Detailed Section Reviews and Schedules
  • Fabrication and Spool Drawings

The figure below details various Level of Details in LOD 100 to LOD 500

Our expert services will enable:

  • Improved coordination with production of coordinated, clash free and virtual BIM 3D model
  • By reducing coordination issues in early stage we can reduce installation time and cost
  • Our BIM 3D model service reduces the requirement of site-based variations and modifications and hence reduces wasted man hours
  • We help our client with more accurate data management and extraction with the help of our BIM 3D modeling service.
  • Our BIM model provide functionality for the automated generation of Bill of Materials / Quantity take off
  • Our BIM 3D models can be integrated with Primavera or similar software for estimation, Manufacturing and Scheduling technology, support the manufacturing and fabrication process.
  • Our BIM 3D models can improve the efficiency of on-site service installation and also support the off-site manufacturing / modularization process
  • Our BIM models help improve the accuracy, quality and detail of construction documentation.

We deliver the best solutions for all Engineering and Sustainable services.