Al Riffa Station

Project Scope

Mitigation Measures for Reducing Noise levels: Selection of the suitable mitigation measures for reducing noise levels emitted from the chiller yard of Al Riffa Doha Metro Station (Green Line).

Conserve has analyzed the quantum of noise propagation form the chillers using the noise data calculations retrieved from the material submittals of chillers and compared with the on-site study results conducted noise levels. Since the primary objective of the exercise is the chiller noise not to be perceptible for metro users within immediate surroundings of the yard, the implementation of suitable mitigation measures (noise barriers) are also examined.

Proposal (Acoustic Barriers): Finally, the technical and physical characteristics of the noise barrier is provided to project along with appropriate proposal for acoustic mitigation to meet the Project requirements and local acoustic regulations (Qatar environmental Protection law) along with the schedule for Post-installation to monitoring to ensure the emitted noise levels at 10 meters from the yard is satisfactory as per client requirements.