Lusail Stadium

Project Scope

Conserve assisted the contractor in assessing potential design impacts/implications of removing false ceilings in around 500 spaces predominantly due to schedule constraints.

Conserve undertook the following services in its scope to assess and advice potential design impacts and to propose cost & time effective mitigation techniques (wherever required):

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Acoustics
  • Public Address & Voice Alarm (PAVA) and
  • Fire-fighting
Acoustic Comfort Assessment:

Acoustic comfort within a regular or transient occupied space depends on two key factors

  • Internal Noise Levels
  • Reverberation Time

Internal noise levels are combinations of all building services in addition to external noise ingress through traffic or any other external noise sources.

Reverberation time determines speech intelligibility within a given space so the removal of ceilings will cause potential impact on the reflection patterns of sound waves.

Conserve adopted ASHRAE analytical techniques in recalculating Internal noise levels and Reverberation times after removal of false ceiling. Outcomes of these calculations resulted in a set of spaces requires acoustical treatment/mitigation measures in order to meet design intent/related standards/FIFA guidelines.

Conserve acoustic specialist team with its material portfolio acquired over these years of experience in built sector, proposed cost effective solutions for the contractor to maintain acceptable acoustic comfort levels.