BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM)

BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is the world’s leading sustainability assessment tool for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings.

We at Conserve, have certified BREEAM Assessors/Aps whose vast experience in Sustainability project management can help consultants and contractors to offload/outsource entire BRREAM certification responsibility.

Our BREEAM Consultancy Services:

We offer to our clients, a three stage BREEAM consultancy service option that includes:

  • BREEAM pre-assessment
  • BREEAM design stage assessment
  • BREEAM post-construction review

BREEAM pre-assessment

During the first stage, our assessor will contact and coordinate with the project team to:

  • Familiarize with the project outline and its technical background
  • Provide initial advice on the intended sustainability targets of the proposed development
  • Advise on elements that must be considered and included in the detailed design planning phase
  • Prepare an action plan documenting feasible strategies and required documentation achieve the desired BREEAM rating, tailored to the proposed development

BREEAM design stage assessment

Once the detailed design drawings and specifications have been completed, our assessor will coordinate with the project team to:

  • Assess the development against BREEAM scheme’s credit/scoring criteria
  • Assign credits based upon review of information and evidence supplied by the project team
  • Produce an interim report that is issued to the BRE

BREEAM post construction review

Upon completion of the development, our assessor will coordinate with the project team to:

  • Obtain all photographic/documented evidences to ensure the construction meets commitments made at the design stage
  • Produce the final BREEAM assessment report and arrange for submission to BRE for review and approval