Conserve is one of the leading BIM service provider in Qatar. We have expertise in efficiently using BIM to improve the productivity of the project. In this article, we will discuss how BIM capabilities can be further leveraged using BIM Automation and Dynamo.

Building Information Modeling is widely used in Architecture Engineering Construction Industry. BIM Automation helps project teams to complete repeated works in short time with precise quality thereby increasing the overall productivity of the project. BIM Automation can be done with various programming tools. This article explains the implementation of the program in BIM through DYNAMO tool. Dynamo is an open source tool used in visual graphical programming used to explore various ideas, to improve the project team efficiency and quality in various phases of the project. In this article, we have demonstrated how BIM Automation can be done with DYNAMO to prepare the structural, Architectural and MEP BIM modeling for a long tunnel. This article demonstrates how the project was able to implement DYNAMO for fire protection model of the tunnel.

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  1. Run the empty dynamo program. This helps to upload the piping system type and piping accessories elements and family types from the working Revit model.
Dynamo Program: Fire Protection Pipe Model

2. After running the program all the system type will be loaded. Then choose the specific system type by entering the numerical value of system type from the list in code block node.

Selection of the System Type

3. Select the appropriate fittings family type suitable for the system. For fire protection, choose Victaulic fitting.

Selection of the Fittings

4. Create the model based on the adaptive points of the tunnel. To get the adaptive point, select model element of structural model from Revit (Structural model already prepared by different program) and then to get properties of the pipe select the required pipe from the model (Create the pipe with the required properties for a particular project because after running the program the created model has the same properties of the selected pipe).

5. Select the suitable level from the MEP model for maintaining the level from some elements and then enter the numerical value of pipe diameter in code block node.

Choose the Pipe Size

6. Finally, run the program. We will get a fire protection pipe routing for 3.7 km tunnel in 30 seconds. But manually it takes a lot of man-hours.

Run the Program
Fire protection pipe for full tunnel
Tunnel Cross section

By integrating the Dynamo with Revit workflow, an optimized output can be gained. Dynamo is the best programming tool for implementing BIM automation in various phase of the project. Through BIM automation one can streamline data entry, complex modeling and repetitive task in all aspects of the project as applied here. Addition to that, BIM can also be used for Energy Modeling – Energy Analysis or Energy Simulation, check out the step by step procedure on Energy Modeling using BIM.


BIM has been the biggest revolution in this decade in the construction market. It can be further leveraged by using automation tools such as Dynamo. You can also contact us further details if required.

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Bazeeth Ahamed K M

Mr. K M Bazeeth Ahamed is an USGBC LEED Faculty & consultant in Green Buildings. He has completed his Post Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology in 2002 and has spent 12 years in Academics, Research, MEP Contracting, Energy Audits and Green Building Consultancy.