There’s a huge surge in adoption of Green Building Certifications for both new and operating buildings in the Real Estate market after Paris Agreement and Governments implementing regulatory frameworks targeting achievement of UNSDGs. Conserve’s sustainability division possess a comprehensive experience and expertise in delivering Green Building Certification projects across the Middle East Region. Our team comprises of LEED AP BD+Cs, LEED AP O+Ms, GSAS CGPs, IGBC APs, WELL AP, BREEAM AP, ENVISION SP and CEEQUAL Assessors. 

We have successfully delivered about 100 green building projects (mainly LEED and GSAS) ranging from Stadiums for FIFA 2022, Metro Stations, Iconic Hotels, Districts, Neighborhood developments, Parks, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Residential developments, etc. Our team works closely with the Consultant and Contracting teams on incorporating intended sustainable strategies within the design & construction. We have a solid up-lift ratio of 40% exceeding project contractual requirements without having impacts to the budget or schedule.

We can support projects from the concept through operations stages, working with different stakeholders delivering sustainable targets and requirements as briefed below:

Concept/Schematic Stages – For the Client/Lead Consultant

Developing sustainability certification framework for the project based on workshops with the developer/client/consultant based on the project location, sustainability aspirations, budget and schedule.

Supporting preparation of RFPs/Tenders with Sustainability inputs for appointment of lead consultant/contractor.

Performing regular feasibility analysis throughout the concept development phase ensuring informed decision making, from the context of Sustainability and associated risks/gaps in achieving intended targets.

Setting-up a base scoring methodology and sustainability implementation plan for further execution during the design development and construction phases of the project.

Detailed Design/Issue for Construction (IFC) Stages – For the Lead Consultant

Carrying out Energy Modeling and other simulations (Lighting, Daylight, Acoustics, etc.) as required for the certification.

Regular design charrettes with various disciplines ensuring incorporation of planned sustainability strategies within the design, informing any deviations & associated impacts, proposing any alternate compliance strategies in case of any practical implementation difficulties/budget constraints.

Conserve’s pre-set templates for various Sustainability criteria/credits as well in-house drafting/modeling teams will enable expediting documentation process within quick timeframes.

Managing communications with the certifying body (GBCI or equivalent) for registration, initial discussions, submissions, addressing comments until design approval.

Preparing sustainability specifications during IFT stage for further implementation of construction team.

Construction – For the Main Contractor

Key process in ensuring construction sustainability compliance is educating Material Engineers on targeted sustainability parameters, associated material submittals, maintenance of sustainability material trackers and overall Material submittal review protocol. Conserve’s Sustainability material database developed over the years on various projects, helps expediting review process and securing required evidences if not available with the suppliers.

Preparing Sustainability implementation plans for credits/criteria associated with site implementation (E.g. Construction Activity Pollution Prevention, Construction Indoor Air Quality Management, Construction Waste Management, etc.)

Trainings for site environmental/HSE team on types of evidences and information requirements in the evidences and managing collection & compilation of periodical data.

Providing sustainability inputs to the Testing & Balancing (TAB)/Commissioning team.

Preparing credit/criteria templates, associated calculations, drawing mark-ups, narratives and calculations for construction submissions.

Operation – For the Client/Operator

Upon Client’s/Facility Management team’s intent to optimize asset performance during the operation stage, our team starts with performing Level 1 Energy Audit & Technical evaluation study on existing operations to identify potential areas of improvement.

Techno-economic feasibility study if the client wishes to pursue LEED O+M/GSAS Operations or equivalent.

On completion of feasibility study and decision to pursue ahead Sustainability certification during operations stage, Conserve helps the FM team setting-out templates for document collection (based on SCADA/BMS or Manual recordings)

Analysis of data and proposals low/no, moderate and high cost implementation measures based on intended sustainability targets.

Tracking post-implementation data and compiling evidences for submissions.

Communications with the certifying body (GBCI or equivalent) for registration, initial discussions, submissions, addressing comments until approval.

Conserve’s vast experience and in-depth knowledge in implementing sustainability strategies within construction projects shall add value to the project stakeholders and ensure hassle-free achievement of LEED, GSAS, WELL, BREEAM, CEEQUAL, IGBC, etc. certifications. Our green building certification services are available in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Canada and United Kingdom.