Conserve offers acoustic design and consultancy services through its offices in Qatar, India, Canada, UAE and Singapore.

Conserve has a team of acoustic specialist with significant experience in buildings, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Why Acoustics?
  • Acoustics design and testing is now mandated in most of the project specifications.
  • Acoustic studies are part of green building rating systems like GSAS, LEED, etc.
  • Noise Monitoring is a part of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Construction Environmental Management requirements by Ministry of Municipality and Environment
When to implement the solutions?
  • For design projects, it is optimum to involve an acoustic consultant from Schematic Design (SD) stage when wall build-ups, MEP equipment & routing are designed. Incorporating acoustic inputs into drawings and specifications, will avoid confusions and procurement constraints for the contractor post-tender.
  • For construction projects, our role will be as a third-party reviewer to validate material submittals for MEP equipment, associated fittings, architectural finishes, etc. before procurement. This will help in reducing implementation of mitigations measures or any abortive works during testing & commissioning.
  • During testing & commissioning, our team of acoustic engineers equipped with latest testing equipment can help projects in preparing Acoustic Testing reports in-line with Employer’s requirements
How Conserve’s subject matter expertise distinguish from other players in the market?
  • Our MEP division comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience, will support in providing time & cost-effective solutions.
  • Our Sustainability division will play the role in ensuring the created documents/studies are in-line with requirements of the certification bodies (GBCI, GORD, etc.)
  • Our Analysis division with a wide range of experience in piping analysis & support design, will advise and provide inputs in arresting noise breakouts by providing proper supports in the network.
  • With the collaboration of above disciplines in addition to the acoustic engineers, we can provide time efficient and cost effective to our customers.
Our Acoustics Consultancy Services in Qatar includes
  • Building Acoustics
    • Airborne Sound Insulation
    • Impact Sound Insulation
  • Room Acoustics
    • Room Background Noise (NC/NR Levels)
    • Reverberation Time
    • Speech Transmission Index
  • Construction & Environmental Noise Assessment
    • Environmental Impact study
    • Noise intrusion
    • GSAS Construction Management Noise Assessment
  • Industries, Oil & Gas
    • Occupational Noise Survey
    • Operational Noise Monitoring
    • Equipment Noise Mapping
    • PAGA System Coverage Study

Glimpse of our Acoustics Analysis & Simulations

Glimpse of our Acoustic Testing

Check Code/Standard with Application Description here

Acoustic design and consultancy services are in line with applicable national and international standards and codes such as
  • Qatar State Environmental Protection Law (2002) Annex 3/5
  • Local Order 61 of 1991 (Emirate of Dubai)
  • World Health Organization – Community guidelines for Noise
  • BS8233:2014 – Guidance on sound insulation and Noise reduction for buildings
  • Building regulations Approved Document E – Resistance to the passage of sound
  • ASHRAE Handbook Chapter 48 – Noise and Vibration Control
  • CIBSE guide B4 – Noise and Vibration Control for building service systems
  • BS 6472: Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings
  • BS 6472: Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings
  • BS 6841: Guide to measurement & evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration & repeated shock
  • BS EN ISO 16283-1: Acoustics – Field measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements
  • BS EN ISO 717-1 Acoustics – Rating of sound insulation in building and of building elements
  • BS EN ISO 354 Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in reverberation room


XL2 Sound Level Meter and Acoustic Analyzer
Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter
Sound Testing Dodecahedron Speaker
Sound Test Tapping Machine
Talk Box Acoustic
Mini rator Equipment