Simulation & Analysis Services in Saudi Arabia

Conserve offers its specialized Simulation & Analysis services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Simulation & Analysis is based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) concepts & methodologies carried out to foresee the behavior of Building/Industrial systems. Outcomes from these analyses are widely used to understand load/stress distribution across piping networks and designing suitable support structures to avoid potential future failures. Conserve offers wide range of FEA analysis services includes,

Stress Analysis

Surge Analysis

Seismic Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

Pulsation Analysis

Hydraulic, Pump Head Calculations

Finite Element Analysis

Pressure Vessel Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Flow Assurance Analysis

Cooling Tower and Chiller Yard Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Slug Analysis for Oil & Gas

Mixture and Agitator Design Analysis

Support Design and Analysis

Codes and Standards

ASME B31.3: Process piping Code

ASME B31.1: Power Piping Code

Centrifugal Pumps: API 610

Positive Displacement Pumps: API 676

Centrifugal Compressors: API 617

Reciprocating Compressors: API 618

Steam Turbines: NEMA SM23/ API 612

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger: API 661

Fired Heaters: API 560

Flat Bottom Welded Storage Tanks: API 650

Heat Exchangers: TEMA/ Vendor-Specific.

Vessel/Column: Vendor-Specific/ ASME Sec VIII

ASME B 31.4/ASME B 31.8: Pipeline Stress Analysis

ISO 14692: GRE/GRP/FRP Piping Stress Analysis


Chilled Water Network

Condenser Water Network

Low Temperature Hot Water Network

Fire Fighting Network

Potable Water Network

Storm Water Network

Wastewater Network

Boiler Network

Oil & Gas Networks

Underground Infrastructure Network

Stress Analysis

Key objective of performing stress analysis is to ensure structural & operational integrity of the piping system, which derives outcomes such as critical spots in the network and proposed support design to ensure adequate flexibility. Based on the project requirements, we shall carry out,

Static Stress Analysis (Considering Sustained, Hydro-test, Thermal Expansion Conditions)

Dynamic Stress Analysis (Considering Seismic, Vibration, Water Hammer and Slug Conditions)

Support Design

Based on outcomes from above explained Stress Analysis, Conserve’s structural team shall design proposed support system ensuring efficient support distribution for the network. Some of the major support configurations as follows,

Rest Support: Restrict downward movements.

Guide Support: Arrest lateral movements.

Line Stop or Axial Stop: Restrict axial or longitudinal movement of the pipe.

Anchor Support: Completely fixed. Restrict all six degrees of freedom. Pipe at this support point can’t translate or rotate.

Variable Spring Hanger Support: Flexible support, Act as Resting support with flexibility to thermal movements.

Constant Spring Hanger: Flexible support, Act as Rest support allowing thermal displacements.

Rigid Hanger: Hanging support from the top.

Struts: Dynamic Restraint

Snubbers: Dynamic Restraint

Sway Braces, etc.

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Surge Analysis

Surge shall occur in any piping network due to sudden modifications in velocities of flowing fluid, often called as Water/Fluid Hammer or Hydraulic Surge. Surge Analysis is transient carried out under following scenarios,

Pump Start-up Condition.

Pump Trip Condition.

Sudden Valve closure condition.

Conserve shall analyze piping network and propose optimum engineering solutions to avoid/overcome potential surges within the network.

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