The Minimalistic approach towards fighting Climate Change

Action to Climate crisis by sustainability
Action on the climate crisis

Climate change is no more just subjective to spread awareness either through Posters, lectures, webinars or directing movies on Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, Tsunamis and other potential catastrophes.

Climate crisis

It’s been 8 years since 2015 when 190 plus countries signed the Paris Agreement with a unified goal to limit global temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius and preferably 1.5 degrees Celsius. As per the United Nations (UN) report to meet these goals, global CO2 emissions should be reduced by 45% in 2030 from 2010 levels and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Action to Climate crisis by sustainability

This requires support from the public for policy changes, which includes not only acceptance of an energy transition but also willingness to use and pay for renewable energy sources as well as to actively engage in an energy transition. Most importantly it requires individual behavioural changes in personal consumption of energy, food, and transportation associated with day-day activities.

Below stated are the list of 21 things that individual can do with no or minimum efforts to activate climate change goals thereby taking efficient actions towards the global threat.

“Every TinyDrop Counts”
  1. Turn off the Mobile charger, Television, Computer, Washing Machine and similar demand-based appliances from the power cord when not in use.
  2. Use Monitors on Power Saving Modes for generic works and when leaving your workspace, spend a cheerful extra minute to turn off the monitor after you shut down the computer/laptop.
  3. Considering turning off the lights on your living room/Hall/Bedroom, especially in enough daylight conditions and if a TV/Computer screen Provides a comfortable glow.
  4. Stop printing without a purpose and consider reprinting on the blank side of the printed pages if it solves the noble purpose.
  5. Prefer the Digital format of documents for internal circulations unless and until a formal authorization is required.
  6. Take a short shower! There are many more good places to think and sing than a shower tub. Allow drying your hair naturally if you aren’t rushing for a meeting or a party.
  7. Make sure the washing machine is fully loaded before you push the start button.
  8. Buy minimally packaged goods and Say no to carry covers if you can handle them good without carries.
  9. Adjust thermostat with optimum temperature setting according to your region and relevant to the climatic conditions.
  10. Repair air leaks on doors, window joints and False ceilings to ensure efficient operation of HVAC equipment.
  11. Retrofit old nappy appliances with energy-efficient models.
  12. Limit flow on the lavatory and kitchen faucets depending on the needs. (A Spoon wash doesn’t need 3 liters per minute flow).
  13. Prioritize low flow flush if you spot a dual flush system regardless of what’s on the cubicle.
  14. You can brush your teeth by keeping the taps closed and restricting using the jet spray as a washroom play toy.
  15. Flush the water closet on entering the washroom only if what’s lying matters.
  16. Shop Local and support regional businesses which strengthens the local economy and also prevents trucks/trailers from carrying tons far distances.
  17. Shop Smart & Buy Ugly i.e., Make a purchasing checklist in mind to avoid impulse buys and purchase vegetables and fruits that are out of shape, size and colour which often end up in waste.
  18. Take a Bicycle, Bus, Metro or at least a shared taxi if urgency and situation allow.
  19. Carry reusable covers or bags to grocery/Markets as if you are on a mission to save the earth.
  20. Use refillable bottles/Coffee Cups and don’t hesitate to carry them unless you’re on a spacecraft to Mars or Moon.
  21. Carry Reusable napkins/handkerchiefs that avoids you from taking out tissues once every hour.

These ways are can simulate behavioural changes in the long run that imparts sustainable development to individuals’ day to day actions and also influence decision making. Enough of the lectures and let your action begin.

“Have you checked if your monitor is on Power saving mode?”

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Akash Boopathi

A Sustainability Professional with 3+ years of experience in the AEC industry. Industry oriented Skills in Sustainability planning, framework implementation, and Compliance monitoring with Voluntary and regulatory standards. In a mission contributing to a greener and resilient future.